Psychotic Gunman

Tales of a Psychotic Gunman...

A True Story

-(One- The contractor for Darkman)-         


Alec Kane. Son of an Angel warlord famous for leading troops of Angels against the legions of hell and always coming out victorious. For most of his grown life, Alec would also be known for always coming out of a dangerous situation victorious, even if those around him suffered. Eventually he would come face to face with death, but his story starts when he was but a young child. Alec was born in heaven with a high energy potential, meaning that one day he could prove to be a valuable asset against the demonic hordes of hell. Enrolled into the Angel Warrior academy, Alec became a practical joker and slacker. He didn't take much very seriously and did just about anything for a laugh. As the story goes, his joking caused the severe injuries of several other hopefuls one day in a training exercise, and because of this Alec was expelled out of the academy. His reaction and words didn't set in too well with the Lord almighty, and, against the protests of his parents, Alec was banished from heaven. He descended to Earth with a sword that  was forged by his father, becoming a Fallen Angel. In the descent to Earth, most of Alec's memories were wiped out, including the memory of his true parents and family, and all of his time spent in heaven.... 



In some ways, one could say that Alec was reborn. Most of his young days were spent running from Monsters, Vampires and freaks wanting to eat him or use him for some other demented purpose. Years of this would occur, all alone, constantly pursued by evil beings. Alec wouldn't know just yet, but running so much began to increase his tremendous speed.



One day, a man dressed in black with two large handguns and a tremendous glowing sword came to Alec's defense. Alec didn't trust anyone, but the man killed those chasing Alec single handedly. Alec became fascinated with the man and his mysterious fighting style and begins to follow him. The man introduced himself as "Darkman," A Hitman and Bounty Hunter who hired himself out to anyone who could afford him. He was a half Angel/ half Demon who'd walked the Earth and realms since nearly the beginning of time. Darkman saw something special in Alec that day, and offered to train Alec to use his mysterious fighting style. Alec would have to pass a test first; survive 10 years, alone. Darkman gave Alec a magic glowing sword of his own, having fallen out of heaven with him, and told him that if he did manage to survive, he would be waiting. In the meantime, Alec becomes a Contractor who sought out hits and jobs for Darkman while beginning to expand on his Angelic techniques. Alec learns alot within those 10 years...


At the end of the 10 years, with Alec now a teenager, Darkman holds to his word and teaches Alec everything he knows. Alec becomes a Bounty Hunter himself aside still Contracting hits for Darkman, and it is seldom that the two are seen apart. Darkman befriended an incredibly beautiful female from another dimension named "Starshanza." As Alec now looked up to Darkman as a father figure, he considered Starshanza as a motherly role since she and Darkman became closer and closer. Starshanza was the owner of a large house called "Vampire's Mansion" where numbers of shady characters would gather and engage in schemes that usually involved trying to capture or claim Starshanza, or "Shanzie" as Darkman called her. Darkman and Alec, who sometimes donned a "super hero" outfit and went by the alias "Ghost," both have to regularly fight off or kill some of these characters, but a problem would soon arise. It's name was Lord Kinoki.


-(Two- Rivals: Alec Kane Vs. Lord Kinoki)-


Kinoki was the strongest, most evil being Alec or even Darkman had come across up until that point. Nothing seemed to stop the man. He wasn't around very often in the beginning, but every time he showed his face it was a fight for life. Wearing a strange set of armor that withstood damage ranging from gunfire to a nuclear explosion, Kinoki possessed super human strength, the ability to move between spaces in the blink of an eye, as well as possessing many strange supernatural powers. The man was known to kidnap beautiful young ladies to use for his own twisted purposes aboard a gigantic space cruiser, and aimed to make Shanzie the next of his collection. Darkman stood against Kinoki, but in fights that would follow dragged out to fight to a stalemate, causing Kinoki to leave and come back to try again at a later date.




-(Demon High School)-     

During this time, Alec enrolled in Demon High School under the alias "Darkman Jr." This school was unlike any other, because the students, most of them being Demons, creatures or other super powered beings, were in more power than that of the teachers and administration. It is here in this school that Alec meets his first love interest named "Kin." The two of them become fast friends. Kin uses her feminine seduction to coax Alec into helping her take over the school and use it as a base of operations. That they do easily. Their actions draw the attention of several Demon Hunters, and knowing eventual confrontations would be unavoidable, Alec arms himself with a weapon that he would one day become a legend for using: a 12 gauge customized Mossberg Shotgun, along side a solid gold .50 caliber Desert Eagle. The sword that Darkman had given him when he was a child evolves itself into it's true form, a 2 handed broadsword called the Angel Sword. Donning a red cloak with a kevlar outfit, Alec began to establish himself as his own breed of Bounty Hunter and right hand of this group that Kin began putting together. He developed a rivalry with a Demon Hunter named Yuji, who donned a white cloak and used an electric staff with a 9mm in battle, also boasting abnormal strength, and daily they would fight on the roof of the school. Yuji was a very experienced fighter, and daily gave Alec a run for his money.


Kin offered Yuji to join their group, and in the process Yuji began to develop feelings for Kin. Kin seemed to develop feelings for him as well despite being known to publicly be involved with Alec, and since Yuji proves to be the better fighter than Alec, in turn Alec becomes jealous. Alec distances himself from Kin and the high school. It is around this time that Darkman joined an organization called "Hell's Fury," a clan known to kill other clans and claim their territory as it's own. Alec is also offered the opportunity to join and becomes a spy. Between the drama of two groups, Alec absorbs all he can and learns new things daily.





Lord Kinoki succeeded in kidnapping Shanzie, much to Darkman's disappointment. Alec decided to try his hand at fighting Kinoki, who was now aimed at claiming Shanzie's neice named Romanea Sephiroth, or "Roma" for short. Before Darkman could began a rescue attempt, Alec told him to stay out and leave it to him, deciding that it was up to him to save the only woman he'd known as a mother and at the same time protect Roma, his "cousin." Many life threatening episodes would follow as Alec is barely able to protect the young girl against such a powerful monster, and at times it seemed Alec would lose....














-(Three: The Chaos Squad)- 

One day, Alec is summoned by Roma, who is hiding from Kinoki while he and Alec recuperate from their constant battles. She was hiding in the ghettos of a small town called Onett, Eagleland in a rowdy place known as "Ness Crib." Ness, a very powerful psychic, owner of the crib and leader of a group of thugs and misfits that called themselves "The Chaos Squad," has a thing for Roma and offers to help protect her. Ness was known to use enchanted baseball bats and yo-yo's in fights. Not knowing that Alec and Roma are cousins, Ness questions Kane and warns him that trying to "push up on his girl" would come with consequences. Alec reassures Ness that pushing up on Roma was something he would not do since they were related. From that point Ness and Alec quickly become friends and Alec is introduced to The Chaos Squad.

-(The beginning members of The Chaos Squad)-

Ness: Co-Leader, psychic, joker, rapper, pimp, trouble maker. Fighting Style: T1, T2

Sonic Campbell: Celebrity, Movie star, on again/off again squad member. Fighting style: T1
Lex: Co-leader, Necromancer, sex fiend, tactical specialist. Fighting Style: T1, T2
Ukime: Special forces, tactical specialist. Fighting Style: T1
Ace: Joker, comedy relief. Fighting Style: Some T1, T2
Rebecca: Experimental T-virus soldier. Fighting Style: Freestyle
Jale: Neko, wanna-be Ness. Fighting Style: None to begin with.
Justin: Slacker, under cover power ranger. Fighting Style: None to begin with.
Heat: Soldier, trash talker. Fighting Style: Freestyle
TerraNova: Soldier, Silent type. Fighting Style: T2
Jessica: Pretty face, mermaid. Fighting style: None to begin with
Derrick: Godly figure, legendary hero. Fighting Style: T1, T2

The Chaos Squad had it's share of wanna-be's and lackeys who came around for the booze and naked flesh that was abundant in Ness Crib, since Ness was a known ladies man. Everyday in Ness Crib was an all day party, with more than enough drugs, liquor, and females for the taking. This did not set too well with Roma, as she wanted Ness all to herself, but Ness was not the type to be tied to one woman. Drama between the two began to come to a head, but not before Lord Kinoki found his way to Ness Crib. Alec warns Ness of how powerful the man is and engages with him in a fight, while Ness and the others escort Roma to safety. Alec is no match for Kinoki, and realized that in previous fights Kinoki was only toying with him. In the face of Kinoki's full power, Alec loses the fight, and is severely injured by an attack on his brain, called a "Mind Blast." Alec is so badly damaged that his original wings become paralyzed, and he loses the use of his right arm and leg. Kinoki moves in to finish off Alec, but Darkman intervenes, teleporting the crippled Alec from harm's way and vowing to avenge his fallen son. The Chaos Squad enters the fray next, but even the combined efforts of the entire squad, save for Lex and Ukime, prove to be no match for Kinoki. Ness sets off a nuclear explosion that resulted in the deaths of several lackeys, but the monster named Kinoki took no damage.

As Alec recovers from his injuries by use of a robotic arm and leg at Darkman Tower, (The tallest building located in Edge City, a huge metropolis built from the ground up due directly to Darkman's influence) Darkman faces off against him next, but fails as well. Things within HF begin to implode upon themselves, causing members to begin turning on themselves. Darkman is faced with fighting one of his own clan "Sisters" Rosaline Vanos. Darkman is killed in the fight, (but actually faked is death) and is 'resurrected' several days later to repay the favor, knocking her head clean from her shoulders. More drama ensues with HF, as the leaders have secret agendas and motives that are unknown to Darkman, the only member of the clan who'd remained loyal.

The shock of nearly being killed causes a change in Alec. Now nearly a grown man, his hair changes to a white color and he creates his own Bounty Hunting outfit that consisted of a grey trench, a Kevlar shirt that looked like bandages, loose fitting pants and steel toed boots. He goes through a process that causes his wings to turn into energy, that he can activate and de-activate at will. Due to Darkman's supernatural abilities, he is able to produce and new arm and leg for Alec.

One day in Ness Crib, Ukime, an elite member of CS and expert fighter, is attacked by one of her rivals, and individual named Stahl Engel. Ukime was injured in the battle, but Alec becomes fascinated with the way she fights, as she can do so even better than he. Alec befriends Ukime and asks her to teach him what she knows. In the process of becoming a legendary fighter, Alec develops feelings for Ukime, but sadly she doesn't feel the same way, and it is revealed that Ness also has a thing for her. Alec took another visit to Demon High School to show the new and improved him to Kin and his old group. Yuji challenges Alec to a fight. With his new training, Alec defeats Yuji easily. Surprised and disappointed, Kin distances herself from Alec. Knowing that whatever he had going with her to be over with now, Alec leaves Demon High for the last time.
Ness and Roma fall out, and the squad begins to rag on her. For some reason, it was thought that Alec was also in on ragging, and friends of Roma come after Alec daily. Lord Kinoki, hearing rumors of Alec's new training, and now known to be a member of HF with Darkman, calls Alec out to face him in a deathmatch. Before Alec could react, Darkman enters the fray and agrees to fight in Alec's place. Again faced with fighting one of his own clan members Darkman loses and is killed in the long fight that stretched on into the early hours of the morning outside of Ness Crib. (Though later it is revealed that Darkman again faked his death in order to leave HF and cause Alec to do so as well.) Distraught, Alec leaves HF and tried to figure out what to do next...

Alec faces off against Lord Kinoki once more. With the training that Ukime had given him, Alec defeats his long time rival with just one attack, much to the surprise of Shanzie, who was finally free after the fight. After that day, Kinoki was never heard from again.


-(Four: The Sith Army)-

After his father Darkman and his rival Kinoki died, Alec began to slow down and spend more time with The Chaos Squad. Ness throws parties everyday, and the crib was never empty of females for whoever to do whatever with. Alec's feelings for Ukime steadily rise the more time he spends around her, but he knew his feelings were wasted since she didn't feel the same for him. One day while training with Lex's son Skyler in a tavern, Alec is approached by Stahl Engel. Somehow knowing Alec's feelings for Ukime, he states that Alec was now on his "list" and aimed to kill him, and what better way to prove his feelings for Ukime by fighting for her. Skilled in techniques far beyond anything he'd ever seen, Alec had no choice but to run from this man. Perhaps this was what prompted Ukime to leave The Chaos Squad, despite the pleas of Alec, only after she'd killed several members, with Alec nearly being one of them.

After settling their differences, one day Alec and Roma decide to visit Ness Crib. They enter to see Jessica engaged in a sexual romp with a strange man who would soon be known as "Bloodrain." Alec, known for his foul mouth at times, doesn't have anything nice to say about what he sees, and this prompts a sneak attack from Jessica later on that day with a "Herpie Bomb." Alec is an Angel, meaning that he was immune to human disease, but this causes something to snap within Alec. It was at this time that he promised Ness that he would always have his back, and in turn joins The Chaos Squad. Ness comes to find out that Jessica is actually a traitor and leader of the S.L U.T.T. Army, a sub-division of something bigger and unknown to Alec as of yet. S.L U.T.T. members get in good with male members of the squad before unleashing deadly STD attacks upon them. Several times Alec had to cure or even resurrect several members.

Alec, sometimes with assistance from other squad members, begins to kill every traitor lackey and S.L U.T.T. member. All of them fall in a row like dominoes. When he, Ness, and other members finally catch up to Jessica, a fight ensues. Alec ends her life by shooting her in the face with his Desert Eagle.



-(Five: Sith War I- The #1 Killer)-

Bloodrain makes another appearance and introduces himself as a member of the Sith Army, rivals of Ness that had been attacking The Chaos Squad since well before Alec joined. It is argued that the war all started because of a woman named "Tuarwen." She happened to be a Jedi of all things and first held the attention of the sith. Rumor has it that she asked Ness for help and in turn he and the squad joined in the resistance. Ness, Alec, Lex and others would regularly visit Tuarwen's castle and casino to fight off hordes of Stormtroopers. This prompted constant sith attacks on the crib at any moment. People began to end up dead, raped, mangled, or killed in an STD attack.

Bloodrain noted that the S.L U.T.T Army was just the beginning and warns the squad of their end. Alec begins roaming taverns, challenging and killing everyone who happened to look like a sith, alongside anyone or anything else that happened to get in his way. This lasts for 3 days nonstop, and Alec racks up more kills than he could count without taking a single loss. This is what begins to make Alec a legendary mainstay within the ranks of The Chaos Squad, and Ness aptly titles this "The Kane Killing Spree." In a short amount of time, Alec has more kills by himself than that of the rest of the squad combined.

A higher up member of the Sith Army shows himself, simply named "Parker." Alec and Parker instantly develop a rivalry. He and Bloodrain made up the leaders of the Sith Army, but Parker reveals that there is an even higher up member, the real "Boss" of the siths known as "Chief." This individual never shows himself. Bloodrain or Parker never fight, they taunt the squad and send in an seemingly endless supply of followers to do the job for them, greatly frustrating Alec, who chased the coward Parker through many chat rooms for the latter part of 2 years.This doesn't deter Alec, for he kills everyone they send his way, literally molding his development into becoming an unstoppable force.


Alec didn't really remember the first time she showed up in the crib, she seemed to had just appeared out of nowhere. He did know that in the beginning no one liked her, neither did he because of her mouth and endless supply of smart remarks, but the more she came around, the more she grew on the squad. Lex, being addicted to sex and women, was the first to make a move on her. After a short romp the two didn't last. While killing siths and becoming CS's most trusted member, Alec eventually began to develop eyes for Sami himself. It seemed to be his lucky night after a party in a tavern which scored Ness two girls. While they did their own thing in Ness's hot tub behind his house, Alec was left alone with Sami in the crib, where the booze and weed filled situation between the two of them became sexual.

The siths continue to attack The Chaos Squad. Alec and the others begin to notice that Sami never shows herself in any of the main fights, always saying she had "matters in her other clan to deal with." As tensions in the squad begin to rise, causing some members to either leave or begin fighting amongst each other, Sami rarely ever visits anymore. The squad dwindles with only several members who chose to hold out. Rebecca gives herself to Parker in an attempt to end the war and take his attention off the squad. Other members crack under the pressure and either fight other members or leave the fight. Ness, seeing what is becoming of his squad, joins the siths, but this is a plan to get in good with them and know what they plan to do before they do it. With the squad in disarray, Alec continues to fight, but the damage was done. The siths win the first Sith War...


-(Six- Sith War II: The Jale Saga)-


After The Chaos Squad lose the first war, survivors come together to learn that Sami played them from the jump. She was revealed to be "Chief," The leader of the Sith Army. She'd basically destroyed them from the inside out and played squad members off against each other, even if it meant having sex with several members. She'd come away with disastrous results, but among the survivors were Ness, Alec, Ace, Jale and Lex. For a time, things are quiet. With Yahoo beginning to malfunction, Ness has to relocate the crib. Occasionally he, Alec, Lex, Ace, Jale and other members come together to have a good time like the days of old despite losing the war.


Alec is introduced to the third co-leader of The Chaos Squad who left in the beginning of sith war I, a phoenix spirit named Sunaro, a.k.a "Sunny." She was really a giant phoenix, but to disguise herself she took the shape of a very beautiful young woman who looked very close to Alec's age. Alec finds that she was once the fiancee of Ness and love interest of Lex. Usually found in a cheerful, shy mood, and usually being the one who tries to cheer everyone up, she is unable but learning to experience human emotion, and this caused Ness, her and the others to have a falling out. Her memories were wiped clean by some means, and Sunny left the squad. After regaining her memories somehow years later, she now planned on re-joining the squad and helping in the fight if the siths ever decided to come back. For some reason, even though he basically ignored her (and just about everyone else for that matter) most of the time from being so focused on killing the siths, Alec felt that Sunny would somehow play a big part in his future. He couldn't be certain, so he keeps his eyes on her for the time being....

-(The Ruthless Killer)-

One day in the crib, Ness is visited by a female named "Pan." She was the girlfriend of Jale, a member who, in so many words, wanted to be Ness, or better than him. It is revealed that Pan was actually a sith, and she attacks Ness and Alec with a Herpie Bomb. This marked the beginning of the second war with the siths as Parker, Bloodrain and Chief are warned that Ness and Alec were still alive and active. The killing begins again, and many siths meet their end at the barrel of Alec's Mossberg or Ness' assortment of yo-yo's and enchanted baseball bats.

As battles progress, lackey members run away, perverted members coming up missing, and siths drop like flies, Ness decides to begin robbing taverns. Alec was with Ness on whatever he decided and quickly agrees to this. 2 taverns are cleaned out with no problems. Ness, in the meantime, begins recruiting members for the upcoming second war with the siths, and also promoting a new rap album. Among these members was Islode, a female street fighter, and Vegeta, a saiyan prince from a race of fighters evolved from monkeys.
In the third tavern to be robbed, Alec is confronted by a human female mercenary named Tsutsu Kemuri. She challenges Alec to a fight, and loses terribly. The Chaos Squad finishes robbing the tavern and return to the crib, but Tsutsu is revived and follow them. She challenges Alec to a fight in a large robot called a "Gundam" but loses again. Alec is then dubbed "The Ruthless Killer" and becomes greatly feared. When Kemuri is revived for the second time, Ness offers her to join the Squad. They begin to formulate plans against the sith, while robbing taverns and killing whoever got in the way, but it is then noticed that Kemuri is pulling the same trick Sami did; joining the squad to find out their abilities and moves to be told to her true clan, a clan called Ancient Vendetta (Or AV's for short.) Alec and Ness move to rob another tavern, only to find that it is full of AV members who claim to know Alec and Ness inside out. They along with Vegeta begin to battle the AV's. No side clearly comes away with victory, and Kemuri, known as "Kara" within the AV's makes alliances with other big clans throughout Yahoo. The crib is swamped by visits from every big name within Yahoo, calling out members of the squad, mainly Ness and mostly Alec.

It was around this time that Jale and Pan agreed to get married, since Pan had given birth to Jale's child, named Theo. But at the wedding is when the sith attacked. Theo was kidnapped, Jale was severely beaten and raped by the hands of Parker, while the traitorous Pan stood by watching and laughing. This caused Jale to go undercover and meet with Sami, or "Chief," to find out whatever info he could. Sami raped Jale and removed his genitals, putting a female vagina in it's place. Sith members began to wear replica's of Jale's male member around their necks, calling it the "Dicklace."

Being faced with everybody who's anybody in Yahoo wanting to fight, somehow Ness and Alec meet with the leaders of the sith in a secret location, getting them to agree to one final winner-take-all final battle. The fighting order was as followed:

Ness Vs. Bloodrain
Jale Vs. Drake Parker (His own son, renamed and sith trained)
Alec Kane Vs. Parker

Ness killed bloodrain in a quick battle. In the fight against Drake, Jale was no match for him and was sliced into 3 different pieces by his own offspring, before Drake swung his 1 inch genitalia inches in front of his face. This would be the mistake that would eventually lead to the downfall of Alec and The Chaos Squad.....

Before Alec was to face off against his new rival Parker, Ness told Alec that he was the half brother of Parker, and that somehow they both shared the same life force. Meaning that if one of them died, so would the other. Alec didn't know what to do after hearing this bit of information, but Ness told Alec to go through with it. The siths had to be stopped by any means.

After nearly losing on a default win, Alec finally meets Parker, who'd ran from him every time he showed his face and talked smack. Alec was excited with the possibility of finally being able to meet the coward in combat after 2 years of chasing after him, but uncertain of what would happen if he won. Would Ness, his best friend, really die with Parker? Alec would find out, as Parker boasted that he would run away, which meant that he would die since it was a death match, taking Ness with him. Alec didn't think he'd really do it, but Parker indeed ran out, killing himself. Ness dropped dead next to Alec, but Chief stepped up next and announced that she would fight in Parker's place. Kara and several other AV enter the tavern. They begin taunting Ness and Alec, saying that they'd already died in previous battles, which was untrue. Chief was convinced and left next, but since this was a death match she also died upon exiting. They weren't expecting it to end like this, but this marked the end of the war and the apparent defeat of the siths.


-(Seven- Sith War III: The Cloning)-


The siths were dead...or at least Ness and Alec though they were. Alec becomes the temporary leader of The Chaos Squad. Sonic took a break from traveling the world as a movie star and celebrity to help Alec lead the squad, as Alec isn't too thrilled at being leader. Sunny helps Alec revive Ness, and becomes more attracted to Alec as they days go by, seeing as she is learning more and more of human emotions. Vegeta is attracted to Sunny, but she has eyes for Alec, which makes Vegeta begin to get jealous. A notorious prisoner breaks free of the jail in Ness's basement named "Nasty Nate," and he begins to take revenge upon the squad. Some members end up raped and beat up. Sunny happened to be in the crib alone one day when she is attacked by Nate, and Alec enters the crib, coming to her defense. In the fight Alec is caught off guard and sent flying away into the horizon. Darkman, who rarely made appearances in public anymore, mysteriously appears and engages Nate in a fight next and kills him off easily by decapitation. Sunny is attracted to Alec more than ever since he came to her defense, when normally he would push her away or act as if he wanted nothing to do with her because of his hard boiled nature. Alec and Sunny get close one night in Alec's basement room, (Mostly because he was half asleep and intoxicated) but Alec finds that Sunny's phoenix powers are connected to her rising emotions, and she nearly burns down the crib. One day Vegeta's jealousy comes to a boil and he boasts that he is stronger than Alec and should be the rightful #1 killer of the squad. Alec calls Vegeta out and delivers him a thorough beating without the use of his guns, supernatural abilities, or even both of his arms.

Ness and Alec are frolicking within a tavern one day, when they spot the only surviving member of the siths: Drake Parker. When he saw Alec and Ness, he mumbled something about "not being done building his new army" and runs out of the tavern. Ness prepares the squad, what's left of it anyway, for sith war III. Soon they find that Sami gave birth to twin children before she would head off to her final battle, the children of Alec Kane, supposedly sith trained and said to be able to do everything Alec does. To make things worse, the new siths created an evil clone of Alec, named "Alex Cane." Rumored to have his own version of a Mossberg and be able to do everything Alec could, only better, this clone never shows himself to Alec, but challenges other members when Alec wasn't around. While looking for these new siths, Ness is approached by a female that looks alot like Alec. After a short sexual experience, this female, later to be revealed as Alec's evil daughter "Aliana Kane" (soon changed to Parker after marriage to Drake), takes a sample of Ness's DNA and uses it with her's and Alec's DNA to create 2 giant monsters called "Chosen Prototype" and simply "The Chosen." With Ness's psychic powers and Alec's Angelic abilities, these creatures looked to be unstoppable. Alec comes across his estranged son named "Mein Kane." A clone of Sunny in the form of a water phoenix shows itself, among others, like the son of the dead Parker and deserted Rebecca, named Haver, which Alec eventually killed.

While fighting and killing sith lackeys who sacrificed themselves in attempts for higher ups to learn Alec's moves, sometimes Alec would be challenged by others. One day Alec is challenged to a fight by a magician and wizard. The wizard hits Alec with an attack that turns him back into a child and runs away. Alec retains all of his moves and abilities that he'd learned over the years, but it was embarrassing to be seen by the squad and Sunny as a small child. Sunny has a hilarious time teasing and playing with Alec. It was a humiliating time for Alec, but sometimes he didn't mind. In order to become his original self again, Alec had to find the magician again and kill him, which he eventually did.

Alec begins to feel like he would die in this new war against many individuals who were clones of him, or had some of his moves. Having fallen in love with Sunny, he goes to her and asks her how he feels about him. Sunny was hesitant at first, but she revealed that she loved him with all of her heart, which causes her to transform completely into another woman. Exponentially more powerful than Sunny in her original form, this woman reveals herself to be a goddess who went by Sunny's true name "Sunaro." She explained to Alec that when Sunny fell in love with someone, she would take over and erase Sunny's memories because she was not yet powerful enough to handle the strong emotion of love. Faced with Sunny never knowing who he was, and all of the time they'd spent together being deleted from her brain, Alec shed tears for the first time in his life... Sunaro felt sorry for Alec, and opted for sparing her memory of their time together only if Alec wouldn't ask her to reveal her feelings until the time was right. Sunaro only erased this incident from Sunny's mind and returned her to her normal self.

Before the fighting would begin, Alec mysteriously disappears. This brings the siths to challenge The Chaos Squad without their prime fighter. The squad loses terribly. Ness is killed again, Vegeta is killed, Sunny is labeled as harmless, and others run away. When Alec returned, he finds that barely anything is left of the squad.

-(The Psychotic Gunman)- 

Alec becomes enraged and undergoes a change. He develops brand new lethal moves and was often seen with a large bazooka-like apparatus he calls "The Devil Gun," carrying it around in a large dufflebag that was filled with weapons ranging from pistols to explosives to grenade launchers. He vowed to end the war and kill all of the sith by himself, at the same time. After a while of snooping, chasing, killing those who stood in his way and constant pleas from Sunny to calm down, Alec is approached by the new members of the sith, most of them being directly a part of him. All of them promise to kill Alec, but he just laughs at them, calling them "wanna-be's" and telling them to bring it on. No one steps up, and as there is barely anything left of The Chaos Squad, again they lose. But it is revealed that Ness himself had hidden agendas that he wasn't letting Alec in on, and once found out by Alec he breaks off ties with Ness and leaves the squad with his girlfriend Sunny...

-(Eight- Livelong Knights of Conspiracy)-

A long time passes. Alec and Sunny, in love with each other, create their own squad called "Second Life," get married and have twin children of their own, Alec Kane Jr. and Serenity Kane. This doesn't set in well with Vegeta, and for some reason he attacks Sunny one night while Alec is away. When Alec finds out, he prepares to kill Vegeta, but Sunny begs Alec not to. Instead Alec opted for knocking the wind out of the saiyan. Sunny also has to stop Alec Jr. from killing Vegeta, as Jr, who could manipulate time, was already a formidable fighter at the age of 12 following in the footsteps of his now legendary father and learning the ways of fighting along with his sister. But when the siths finally again return, now with a new name and new members, Alec becomes friends with Ness once again and rejoins The Chaos Squad. Fighting immediately begins, with Alec killing off a member who was with the siths back in the first war. Vegeta scores next, then Ness, against a lizard being. Other members from sith war III still existed, and taunted the squad from the background.

Ness leaves the squad for personal reasons. Not much is heard from Vegeta, and even Sunny is rarely ever seen, leaving Alec to fight by himself and the only member representing The Chaos Squad. Alec is challenged by three witches and a mysterious beast from space. He kills all of them at the same time in an explosion the size of Texas, caused by his Devil Gun. Others begin wanting to challenge Alec as his popularity begins soaring all over Yahoo, but it was mostly by the hands of Jeremy Parker, and everyday Alec has his hands full. Without the support of his wife or his best friend as he fights former friends and nerds who just wanted to see him dead, Alec began to crack under the pressure. He took his first loss at the hands of an astral user skilled in reality manipulation and dimensional travel.


-(Nine- Betrayal)-

Other fights would follow with siths against bounty hunters and assassins, some of which that had nothing to do with the siths/knights, that he would win easily. By now, the siths had spread like a germ, giving them considerable odds since Alec and Ness are the only ones fighting and killing sith. It wouldn't be long before a battle rap session would occur, in which Alec's words were twisted around to make it look like he was attacking the squad. It is in this time that Alec is barely ever around anymore, leaving the others to fend for themselves. Some believed the words, like Vegeta, which sparked him to boast that he was going to kill that backstabbing bastard Kane. When Alec again showed himself, Vegeta and Alec engaged in a death match. Since Alec had easily beaten Vegeta twice before with his his hands, literally, tied behind his back, Vegeta fell after Alec's first attack in the real fight.

Sunny was disappointed that Alec killed one of her friends, and Alec realized in his time away, Sunny and Vegeta must have became closer. She took Vegeta's side, vowing to bring him back to life, leaving Alec to question what he was fighting for anymore. With Ness barely around, his wife Sunny taking the side of his squad rival, and all of his other friends either dead or gone at the hands of the siths, Alec thought he was all alone and felt it was pointless to continue fighting....


-(Ten- The death and rebirth of a Legend)-


Alec was challenged to a fight by a livelong member named Diamond. Having learned from past attempts at Alec's life, she exposed an unbelievable fighting style in which she opened a portal to the dimension of the dead, bringing back most of the foes that Kane had already killed, namely Parker, Bloodrain, Chief, the witches and the beast from space. Chosen was there to witness this ultimate showdown as well, along with the dead Vegeta and even Jale. She could manipulate reality to her bidding, and she even had her own version of The Devil Gun. Alec, having lost the will to fight, felt there was nothing he could do, and it was pointless to continue this war if no one had his back... and thus, the legend that was Alec Kane the Psychotic Gunman came to an end...

When Sunny learned of this, she snapped, and became the victim of a dark personality that was inside of her that fed on hatred and sorrow. His daughter Serenity ran away, masking her powers so that she couldn't be found. Who knew where Jr. was, and if it weren't for Alec being able to walk the realms in incorporeal form, perhaps Sunny would have killed off what remained of the squad. Somehow Alec manages to calm Sunny down so that she can resurrect Alec and become her original self again.

With Alec being brought back to life, he immediately kills off a young assassin that came through Onett looking for a fight. Alec goes off to find his daughter far away in the icy mountains, who thought he was a ghost or her imagining things at first.

The next day, The Chaos Squad gathers to engage in a battle royal. Had it been real, no one would have survived it but Alec, Sunny, and Sonic. Kane is called out by a sith named Cyan, the long lost son of Lex and Rebecca. Together with a god, Cyan would fight Kane to a stalemate. Rebecca makes a rare appearance and jumps in between them. Cyan would taunt Kane, who felt he was about to kill him, bragging that his efforts were futile and their army was even bigger than he could imagine. He then runs out of battle, and because it was a death match, kills himself.


(-Eleven- The end of the sith war)-


Many siths continue to call out Ness and Kane, most of them dying, only to be reanimated as something else with the moves it was killed with, and also bearing an immunity to bullets and psychics. Many chosens were created. As usual, Ness and Kane remain the only ones fighting and killing, but it was a fruitless battle. With his wife's voice echoing in his head Kane decided to stop fighting and bow out, mostly because his point had been proved already. Somehow he manages to convince Ness to finally lay down his bats and yo-yo's as well. The two of them meet King Drake Parker in sith kingdom. He invited all of the leaders of this new kingdom to see Ness and Alec for the last time, including his kids and grandchildren. Kane scores one last kill on Barker, an ordinary human in with the sith, before all the big names came in to either laugh at them, or offer condolences. Their enemies continue to taunt, much to the disapproval of Kane and Ness, who's trademark weapons were taken away, leaving them defenseless against the entire sith army. Kane was even nearly killed by his daughter by the barrel of his own weapon, which he dropped on Barker's dead corpse. Besides his daughter Aliana, Kane is reunited with his son Mein and grand daughter Shy, both of who surprisingly are saddened to see the great #1 killer with his captain defeated this way. Kane even meets the the only member able to kill him in a fair fight, Diamond. When Kane and Ness left Sith Kingdom it marked the end of CS vs sith/livelong, but not the end of CS, and definatley not the end of Alec Kane...


-(Twelve- Sith War V: The Return of Parker)-


Kane and Ness begin to enjoy their retirement, despite being humiliated in front of all of the siths. They even go back to robbing taverns. But just in case the sith decided to come back and finish them off, Kane develops a new shotgun that looked as if it were from a science fiction movie. All that was known about it was that it fired some sort of blue orb, but as to what the orb did was unknown. Kane also arms himself with a strange glowing bracelet, the properties of which are also unknown. Ness, aside recruiting new members, also creates himself new weapons, and in the middle of chilling in a tavern one day, a sith enters and attacks a new recruit of the Chaos Squad. Soon a fight breaks out between the Chaos Squad and a band of these sith. A rumor surfaces that Parker, rival of Alec, has been brought back to life. Alec, who originally planned on sitting down and retiring, becomes enraged and easily agrees to this fight, which consisted of three CS members vs 3 sith. The sith were surely surprised when they managed to fend off their attackers and send them fleeing, even though their original weapons had been confiscated. Soon, Kane's suspicions are realized when he is approached by Parker himself, causing Kane to become pissed once again. The squad prepares for sith war V...


-(Thirteen- Death of a leader and a new war (Sort-of))-


Ness was killed again at the hands of Mein, Parker, and two traitors Justin and Rebecca while Alec is away one day. They take apart his body so that he cannot be revived. Alec returns to hear the news, and snaps. He vows, with surviving members, some of which who ran away to leave Ness to fight 4 on 1 odds, to gather the pieces of Ness and put him back together again. Alec Kills Justin by shotgun blast to the face. Rebecca is killed by Jr.


-(Destiny Star)-

In the processes of locating the sith, Alec and the squad are introduced to a new recruit Raquel and her angel daughter Destiny Star. Both of whom are involved in their own war against vampires who intend to kidnap Destiny and train her to be used for their own evil purposes, as she is very powerful to be only 4 years old. When Destiny's mother Raquel is killed, Destiny takes her place in the squad. Alec teaches her how to fight as an angel, and she easily dispatches of those who intend on kidnapping her in quick and effortless fashion, sometimes facing several of them at once. The battle goes on for 4 days. Alec himself also engages this group, killing 2 of them at the same time, as does Sonic. Alec promises Destiny to revive her mother...

When the siths again show themselves, as Alec figured, they do not move to jump him, instead they send lackeys and spies to torment what remained of the squad. Some of them attack Alec with his his and his friend's moves. Alec trained just in case they tried this and dispatches of these copycats easily. With the siths taunting him from the shadows, Alec begins to question why he continues to fight...continuing to wait....



-(Fourteen- Yet another end)-


Alec and Destiny come to find out that the person that they'd been fighting so hard to revive is the person that was behind the scenes orchestrating the whole fiasco: Her mother Raquel. She revealed that she was a loner and did what she could to ensure her own survival, even if it meant betraying her friends and her own family. She claimed that Destiny was a demon and would turn into something horrible one day, but this was just a ploy to make Destiny snap to make it easier to turn her evil. Since the times spent with Alec have only been laughs and jokes, Alec didn't see this happening. Raquel throws adoption papers at Alec and tells him since he likes her so much, he can have her. Alec discusses the situation to Sunny and they agree to adopt the child. Destiny vows to meet her mother in battle to have her revenge. Alec further trains Destiny to fight, teaching her his trademark 'Angelic Essence' maneuver. This is what enables her to have her revenge upon her mother, seemingly ending the battle....

After years, the clone "Alex Cane" calls out Alec to do battle. He has many moves from Kane, Sonic, Ness and other members. Alec is prepared for this. Cane also claims that the two of them are connected (sort of like Ness and Parker from earlier.) and that if one of them died it meant death for the other as well. Alec easily rectifies this situation since he'd studied for just such an occasion and attacks the clone with no remorse, proving who was real and who was just a wanna-be by handily defeating him.

A long silence passes afther the fall of the Cane clone, with no signs of sith. Again, Alec begins to notice that Ness is seemingly with holding information that pertains to he and the siths/livelong knights. Ness claims to have nothing to do with what's going on, but Alec believes otherwise. After 4 years of killing, frustration, chasing cowards, dying, coming back to life just to give up and be humiliated in front of all of his enemies, engaging in another war to kill his arch rival Parker, (Who again cowers and runs from Kane) and being called every racist name imaginable, Alec nears the breaking point. But once again, with so much damage done to the squad and with Ness dead, the sith/ knights vanish into the shadows. With revenge burning in him like a sun along with the possibility of meeting his long time revived rival in combat, Kane settles his differences with his best friend since the rumors about him prove to be false, and simply waits.


-(Fifteen- The new recruit drama)-


Kane and an undead Ness begin recruiting for another war. Squad numbers begin to look as they did in the beginning, and CS gains the lost popularity it once had. This brings about clan wars while waiting on the sith to re-emerge, and also shows who was real and who was fake. In the face of danger, some of these new recruits (namely Ice, Hitomi, Fred the Spartan, Jace, Mako and Sakuuru) break off of CS to form their own faction, with which Ness declares war upon. None of them step up to fight except one, "Sakuuru" who was viciously murdered by Kane, revived, and overkilled again by Ness.

Ness takes a temporary break from leading the squad, handing over the reins to the reluctant Kane, who never wanted to be leader. Several battles break out, all of which Kane win. Kane and his wife Sunny even do a very rare team up once for a battle. Another recruit named Night, in the meantime, calls out Kane to do battle. Kane defeats him easily. This recruit later joins the squad. He seems to be a valuable asset, but something else is brewing below the surface. Kane is called out to fight a member of another clan calling themselves "CS," Magus. Kane also defeats him easily. Another recruit joins, calling himself Vergil. He also seems to be proving himself as a valuable asset in the beginning, but as clan wars wear on, true intentions begin to surface. Night reveals himself to be a double agent for some other clan, scouting potentially dangerous CS members before he and his true clan, this other CS (Clan Strikers) declare war. Vergil is killed in the violence and is revived as Zero. Another CS member "Holeman" is supposedly killed and is re-animated as a Ghost. (But later it is revealed that the opponent cheated, thus the death never happened.) Kane steps in to do battle with Night and Magus, seeing as he'd easily killed both of them before, but due to unfortunate circumstances (IRL Matters) this would not happen. As both of them figure they know Kane inside out, neither of them conceide to fight Kane again....

Battles with other clans take place, with Zero leading the assault without the support of Ness or Kane, causing him to die several more times. In a further twist of events, it comes to a head that Zero happened to be a copycat; one who went around copying bits of pieces of people he encountered to use them for his own purposes. Zero attempted to copy Kane's trademark "Devil Gun" attack, failing miserably in the attempt. Holeman and "Voco," a summoner who had the ability to summon Ghosts and other creatures, do battle with Zero and defeat him easily. The violence stops momentarily, but Kane comes to find from reliable sources that Zero had been a copycat and manipulator for years, long before he met Kane and joined with CS.

With the ejection of Zero from CS ranks, Kane staied on the look out for the siths, who had new plans in the works in the form of his grand daughter Shy Parker, who took advantage of a new recruit (sort of like Sami did Kane) and becomes pregnant with a "new weapon." Kane can only imagine what he was in for in a possible new chapter in this long going rivalry and continues to wait for a showdown with his revived rival Parker, who seemed to be again on the run from the #1 killer......


-(Sixteen- Descension in the ranks -- The Kane/Parker war)-


There is a long moment of peace and quiet. Kane relaxes at home with his kids, and Sunny takes a trip of self discovery, to find out more about her past. Serenity gets married, much to Kane's dissapointment since he figured his kids were growing up too fast, but eventually he learns to live with her decision. There are no words or actions from the siths. But, as usual through the years, news eventually comes. Shy comes into power with the help and deceit of Parker. She combines all factions (Livelong, Sith, AOB, KKK) into one regime, [Kingdom]. Drake is over thrown and marked for death, along with Kane's evil kids, now seeming to become good, Aliana and Mein. The 3 of them come to seek help from the Chaos Squad. Kane's great grandson, now known as "Trident," (Conceived by Shy having sex with a rookie member named Chris Conkle) has been reveared as a dangerous fighter and accomplished hacker, as he takes actions to make it that Ness can no longer get online. Ness finds ways around this, with difficulties. Once again, after a message from Parker that the "Kane/Parker" war has begun, Kane mounts up for battle, this time with no regard for his own life.

Certain things begin to happen, such as receiving random messages from Drake, Aliana and Mein, all of them giving their insights on sith happenings. Parker calls out Kane twice, but fights never happen. Things begin to resemble times of old, with Parker's mind games. Kane doesn't fall for it. Aliana comes to Kane and tells him of a new Chaos Squad, containing the kids of origional members. She says Sarah, daughter of Ness, would be the perfect person to lead it, but rumor has it that the is slowly being corrupted by the dark side. Meanwhile, Holeman, a friend of Kane, is visited by Trident. He warns of the Squad's end by fighting and means of hacking. He also is paid a visit by Sarah. She seems to be confused as to who's side to take, so it is currently unknown how things will turn out just yet...

Kane comes back from a long wait. He is approached by Mein, and given a sith weapon designed upon 2 of Kane's trademark weapons: a "Devilberg." Kane begins modifying the weapon to suit his own tastes, and also makes copies of it, waiting for the first confrontation. Kane also joins another group of misfits that call themselves "Murder INC." He is introduced to a vampire named Maximillian, (or "Maxi" for short) the 2 of them becoming quick friends, and Alec becomes Admiral because of his dangerous skill. Destiny and Holeman also join. Ness, after a long absence, returns and allies CS with the INC. Sunny returns from her journey and agrees to join as well. Sith declare war upon the INC.

One of the KKK challenges Kane to a fight. He makes preperations to kill  the lackey, but the fight is interrupted by a face he figured he'd never see again; Sami. Mother of his first 2 kids, both on the run. She tells Kane of how Aliana, his daughter, is kidnapped, and that she'd kill her own daughter if Kane didn't agree to join the sith. Kane boldly declares that he would never join the likes of them, and the KKK lackey runs. The next day, news reaches Kane that his daughter had indeed been tortured, raped and killed. Transvito and Danvito, rumored to be feared and dangerous siths who prove to be nothing more than a couple of trash talking wise guys, appear and throw pieces of his dead daughter at his feet. Distraught at never having the chance to get to know his first born daughter, and having no idea about the fate of Mein, Kane continues to vow, with the support of all of the INC along with what remained of CS, to finish off the sith...


 -(The split of Kane & Sunny)-


Kane hardly ever sees or spends time with his wife as he used to in earlier days, due to fighting, training, and negotiations between 2 factions, each with their own enemies. Attempting to rectify this situation, Kane attemps to rekindle the closeness and romance they once shared, but, sadly this wasn't meant to be. Like once before, when he'd asked her how she felt about him, when he approaches his wife and kisses her lips, Kane is thrown backward. Sunny informs him that since she was now one with the goddess inside of her, though she was now strong enough to handle the emotion of love, she'd have to abandon all things human, such as affection... romance... and things that those lead to... Distraught, Kane would announce that he'd rather be dead without her, but it would seem that these words reached deaf ears. What would be a marriage to a person of telling them you love them without being able to show them, he wondered, and thus the relationship between Alec Kane, #1 Killer, and Sunaro, Co-Founder of Cs, came to an end....


Kane leaves Murder INC and wanders about after the divorce, lost within his own thoughts. He tried to figure out what to do next, even with the siths bearing down upon them, and mostly him, as usual, according to random messages from his son Mein. Vegeta re-appears after a long absence and as usual challenges the #1 killer to a fight. Kane makes quick work of him. Ness leads raids into taverns and several far off places, such as a forest that housed a civilization of animal people, spreading the mayhem that only The Chaos Squad could cause. others make challenges and die in the process...


Kane is reunited with Art Manul, a shape shifter and also a member of CS that joined long ago. She wasn't much of a fighter, and Kane was unsure of her purpose in CS at first. The two never really interacted, besides Art sometimes giving Alec random messages and info about enemies, or situations happening behind the scenes within CS in places his eyes could not see. After years of not seeing her, mostly due to war and Squad fallouts, she appears once more, and in private Kane explains to her the situation going on between he and Sunny, while getting quite drunk. Art reveals that she'd always had a thing for Alec, mostly due to his fighting skill and because he wasn't all over her like other members were, but could not reveal her feelings because of his marriage to Sunny, and because of her on again/off again relationship with Sonic. She also revealed that she'd lost her loved one in a similar situation, and that she and Kane were pretty much in the same boat. With the alcohol circulating in their systems, the situation between them quickly escalates to another level...

Unfortunately this new relationship doesn't last long, mostly due to Sunny's face constantly being in his mind. Because of mounting pressure due to cowards making threats and not holding to them, Alec decided to leave the scene on one of his many famous disappearences. Months pass... when he returns, he finds Art has made a new relationship with a vampire. As usual, it's the same story with the siths. Alot of talk, but no action. With barely any action within CS, Kane is allowed a long time of peace and relaxation. A while passes at home in Darkman Tower, his mind drifting back to memories of Sunny, his children, his family... Alec is paid a visit by an old rival one day -- Lloyd, formerly known as Zero, a former member of CS. Claiming to be better in battle than the last time they engaged in combat, he challenges Alec to a battle in his mansion. Destiny happened to be there for this challenge, and due to past threats that "Destiny couldn't beat him," she also wants part of this battle. Lloyd agrees. Shortly after arriving to Lloyd's mansion, the battle ends when Lloyd is sucked into Destiny's "Platinum Void Necklace." Afterwards, things slow down again. Siths occasionally come around, but Kane grows tired of the same old scenario...

-(Seventeen- The Final Battle... again)-

Like once before in previous years past, after a secret meeting with Alec and Ness, Parker agrees on another final winner take all battle. This time, he states that not showing or running away will cause his death, submit the Kingdom over to Kane, and end the war. Alec quickly agrees and readies himself for what he is sure to be the end of a 8 year feud. He devises himself another Doomsday device with the help of Maxi and calls this weapon "The Angel Gun." 


 -(Eighteen- Waiting...)-

Siths seem to fade off into the shadows as they ususally do, especially with the contact Parker signed. Occasionally, lackeys make apperances, but just in ploys to steal Alec's moves, and to taunt. In the meantime, Alec re-joins Murder INC and becomes an Underboss.

Alec engages in several fights while waiting on the final confrontation of the Kingdom, against a Lycan, a samurai, and a long time nemesis name Xion, better known as "Slaughter King." Each of which he wins with little to no trouble. Keeping ties with Ness, Sunny, and other members and friends made, occasionally Alec would get called into other forms of drama, but mostly he waited for Parker to show himself...


Murder INC engages another unnamed group who claimed they were going to kill members simply for the sport of it. Alec and Maxi are the first to engage in battles with this group. Between such, after having seen Sunny several times, once in court in a "Bad Parent" case over Destiny in which Sunny was called in as a witness, turning the case in Alec's favor, and several random other times during fights, Alec approaches Sunny one night to discuss matters regarding Zero, or "Lloyd," a former member of Chaos Squad and also Murder INC who'd made mistakes in both factions that led to him being ejected from both. Making his peace with Sunny, Alec puts the ring back upon her finger. Knowing things wouldn't quite be the same between them, Alec stated he didn't care, and that they'd been through too much for things between them to end so suddenly. Being together with his wife and the mother of his kids again, Alec has a moment of peace. But being a Kane, he knew more drama and violence was in store..



-(Nineteen- The end)-


 Alec becomes tired of waiting. The same situation that had taken place over the many years of battle (Sending lowers to get Kane's and other's moves, using their own moves back against the squad, knowing what The Chaos Squad would do before they did it) becomes tiring to Kane, so along with Ness, Destiny and Maxi, he formulates an attack against The Kingdom. Bringing the fight to their home front for the first time, what remains of The Chaos Squad begins the systematic extermination of Sith, Kingdom, and all involved side factions which include Assembly Of Blades, KKK, Livelong Knights of Conspiracy, Astronauts, and finally the old Sith Kingdom. In dramatic Fashion, Kane first has revenge against Diamond, the only member of Sith that managed to kill Alec, after a short but epic battle by shooting her with a bullet designed to destroy her body and soul. He kills Transvito next, pulverizing most of his body by shotgun blast, while Ness engages Danvito and ends the fight by burning the man alive. Destiny engages Shy Parker around this time and kills the sith princess by crushing her body to death with a special shield and the use of gravity control. Maxi meets Trident in combat, eventually tearing his soul from his still living body to devour it in front of him. A Psychokinetic explosion set off by Ness destroys sith labs, where Chosen monsters and clones were created. A virus is devised to murder anything with Kane or Ness's blood type besides themselves and their family members. Both original Chosen monsters and all clones die painful deaths.

Alec meets Parker in one final death match, in which there was no escape. Finally forced to fight Alec after so many years of running away, Parker employs various strange techniques, none of which really have any effect on Alec. Parker is dealt a severe beating, rendered bloody and broken before having the Mossberg put into his mouth. "This is the end," were the last words Parker heard before the trigger was pulled, turning his head into something that resembled spaghetti and meatballs. The war is ended for the final time when Kane destroys The Kingdom by way of a combined shot of the Angel and Devil Guns, ensuring that no one or nothing escaped...


-(Twenty- Afterwards)-

Years pass... The siths do not return, having been wiped from existence in a fashion from which there was no return. With total victory now, members of Chaos Squad celebrate and split for the last time, all headed off on their own paths. Everyone promised to keep in touch and come together every so often just like the days of old. Alec retires and goes to attempt a quiet life at home with his family now that the majority of the violence was over. As the years pass and he watches his children go through many changes, Alec encounters several old foes, all of which seem to still be holding grudges from time passed. Alec laughs, knowing it was all talk now; none would ever fight him again. Alec would also encounter Lex, one of the original members of CS and co-founder. Originally Lex was one of the top fighters and most feared members, but after years of war it would seem that the members that remained, such as Alec, Ness, Sunny, and even young Destiny all surpassed him. Lex calls out Alec to do battle. Alec easily defeats him. After the fight, communications between original and founding members become little to none...

One day Alec is approached by a strange young man who looks alot like he does, while relaxing on the roof of Darkman Tower with Sunny and Destiny. After a short fight, in which Alec didn't much try, the young man is revealed to be Nevan Kane, Alec's younger brother. A dispute in heaven caused Nevan to leave and be labeled an outcast. Alec welcomed him into the family and his home.

-(Twenty One)- The Boss of Edge City

Sunny spends time with the family before leaving on another trip of adventure and self discovery. Nevan begins to also explore the planet. In the downtime from no battles or wars it is soon revealed that Destiny gave birth to a daughter to she and Ghost, and a Grand Daughter to Alec, named Amaranth. Destiny begins to build something in the ocean for her new daughter, for when she grew older. Darkman mysteriously vanishes from Edge City, and upon investigation does Alec discover that Darkman has left him in charge, and passed over leadership of his Company down to him.

Amaranth, his grand daughter and Destiny visit him in Darkman Tower and find that Alec is the new Boss. They inform Alec of an island that Destiny built for Amaranth, designed to be a vacation getaway. Alec's first actual task as a Boss is the reprimand of Demi, Maxi's daughter, and Squall Leonheart, a recent Company hire-in, for causing trouble in a city called Shinkai Shigai, resulting in several people dying. Sometime after this is when Alec began to pick up strange readings from the now abandoned Murder INC headquarters, readings that resemble Ghost, one of his best friends as well as Amaranth's father. With Destiny's help, Alec is able to pull Ghost out of a dimensional trap that he'd been locked in for years. Reunited with he and Destiny, Ghost is able to meet his daughter for the first time.

The boss of Shinkai Shigai, a woman by the name of Himitsu Ishikawa, requests a meeting with Alec because of the recent actions caused in her city by Demi and Squall. From the beginning, it becomes obvious that Squall has a problem with her. Rumor had it that her city existed because of slaves and prisoners. While Himitsu wanted Squall banished forever from her city, even suggesting that he be executed for the lost lives of her citizens, Squall promised to take her life, even with her appearing sickly and weak. He even left a bullet behind from his specialized gun, her name engraved upon it. After she had left, Alec calmly asked Squall to leave her be, as she was honestly not worth the effort of killing, but Squall seemed set in his ways.

Alec hires in a new girl named Niala. Amaranth meets Darkman, her grandfather, for the first time. A Demon appears on the beaches of Amaranth's island with the intent of killing her. This Demon is revealed to be the Boss of New Vegas, a popular dwelling of other Demons, Vampires, Ghouls and other dark creatures. While Alec travels to New Vegas to drive the thing out of hiding, Squall returns to Shinkai Shigai and begins to cause widespread destruction, while Himitsu hides somewhere in Edge City. Alec uses his Devil Gun to destroy New Vegas, killing all who inhabit the city. It becomes a disaster area, and it renamed "Ground Zero." 

Alec next travels to the city of Shinkai Shigai to find it ravaged, and also to find that Squall was killed by a vengeance spirit created from the destruction he caused. Face to face with this spirit, Alec stated that he didn't show up to fight, and took back the Company Pendant that was given to Squall when he was hired. He tells the spirit of his disinterest to fight, and that no further actions would take place, but warns it that attacking anyone else in The Company would force him to take action. With these sorts of spirits, they could only pass on into the afterlife after those that wronged it were killed, and since it didn't vanish when Squall was killed, it was speculated that someone else needed to die as well. Hunches had fingers pointed at Himitsu, since she was Boss, but there was also Demi.

Alec angrily informs Demi of current events, and forbids her from leaving the tower until the spirit is dealt with. He also informs the rest of his family to be on the look out. Word reaches Alec of how the Demon Boss of the former city of New Vegas is killed by his son Jr on the beaches of Amaranth's island, after he attempted to make off with a young girl. Word had also reached him that the spirit, after confronting Himitsu, forgave her and decided to wander off without carrying out it's vengeance.

The peace wouldn't last long. Demi is killed by a vampire hunter on Amaranth's island. Alec is first to arrive at the scene of the crime, and avenges her by killing her killer by way of shotgun blast to the face. Alec resurrects he, but she comes back to life with noticeable gaps of her life missing. He calls a meeting which includes Flynn, her husband, and Maxi, her father, wondering where the both of them were while Demi was fighting for her life and dying. The meeting grows slightly violent, and ends with Flynn walking out on his family, but Maxi standing up to Alec's rage. it was what Alec wanted, and while he got the result he was hoping for from Maxi, showing that he genuinely cared, he was quite disappointed with Flynn, who traveled to Ground Zero and attempted suicide. Ghost follows him and managed to talk Flynn out of this.

While doing their best to get Demi back to normal, life goes on. Alec, because of the hard work and help with Demi, promotes Niala. He hires a Malkavian named Cala Jo into The Company. There is a minor incident in which the brother of the vampire hunter that killed Demi shows up and attempts to bite Cala's younger sister. Alec prevents this. 

Someone hacks into The Company computers from the old Murder INC Headquarters. Alec hires on 2 individuals to investigate: Flynn, and a new resident of Amaranth's island, an individual known as Ryuukishi. The costumed individual with a red V on his chest makes quick work of both of them and escapes. Alec next has Cala go after him, and by some means she manages to talk him down and bring him back to the Tower of his own volition, despite being seen as a bit on the off side. He introduces himself as "The Vigilante" and said that he hacked The Company in order to try getting to the bottom of one of his own mysteries. He stated that Flynn and Ryuukishi tried to kill him - whereas Alec had previously told them both not to - and Alec reassured him that neither lived in Edge nor did they work for The Company. As they were both residents of Amaranth's island, the news didn't set in too well with her.  Alec hires Vigilante into The Company and pays him a hefty sum for his troubles. 

Demi's daughter Nanalie has Alec teach her about guns. Amaranth goes into such a rage that a category 4 hurricane appears around her island that rages for 4 days. Demi asks Alec the whereabouts of her husband Flynn, and if he'd shown up looking for them since fouling up the Vigilante job. There's no sign of him. Jr manages to calm Amaranth down, which in turn causes the hurricane to cease. A guardian angel shows up one day and removes all traces and memories of Flynn from Demi and her children. The process causes Flynn to die, and his body is found on Amaranth's island shortly after.

A mysterious female appears in Ground Zero and creates a floating island and castle. Beyond this, she takes no actions.  Alec publishes a massive hiring add, and puts Maxi and his daughter Destiny in charge of the hiring process.  Alec comes in contact with another version of himself from an alternate dimension, revealed to be a ninja, calling himself "Spook." Other versions of other members of his family begin to cross worlds as well, some of them merging themselves and their memories together. Amaranth is one of these people, having merged with a female who trained with Spook in the other world named, "Mitsukai." She informs Alec that she changed her DNA, turning her into a half angel, and Jr reverted Himitsu into a younger form with his time powers, and that she would be living on Amaranth's island, having given up her title as Boss after that whole mess with Squall and vengeful spirits. She also informs Alec that she would be moving the island into the Edge City river, and renaming it "Sunset Island."

The hiring process goes by with Destiny and Demi doing the majority of the work, and Maxi for the most part nowhere to be seen. Alec hires in Remiel, the guardian angel responsible for removing the memories and the DNA of Flynn from Demi and her kids, and Spook, the alternate version of himself from the ninja world. With nothing seen of Maxi, Alec tires of Demi constantly catching the short end of the stick, and has Demi go through the process that turns her from a Vampire into an Angel using his own blood. Alec teaches Demi and Himitsu some of the fundamentals of being an angel. He comes to terms with Maxi over what happened to Demi, with Maxi stating that it was for the best, and that he was now going to take to wandering.


-(Twenty one)- In a Ninja World

With everything being quiet for the most part after so much drama, Alec decides to travel to the ninja world that Spook and others came from. Upon traveling through the dimensional door, Alec finds himself in a technologically advanced village called Hanakagure.  The specialty of the village is an art called "Weapons Technician," the ability to forge magical weapons. Alec quickly masters this art. He procures himself some goods and does much research about the world he now found himself in, it's villages and it's many clans. Alec attempted to be a "regular" citizen of the village, but he finds this process quite boring. He reverts to his old Chaos Squad mentality, and bombs several areas of Hanakagure using Explosive Tags. Several villagers try to stop him, but he kills them, effectively turning him into a villain. Alec bombs the Administration Complex, the brains of the village where the leaders reside, and deserts Hana. Leaving a village in that world caused one to become "Missing." Those that went missing were often hunted down, brought back by force, or killed in order to prevent that village's secrets leaking out to the rest of the world. As Alec was in possession of very valuable knowledge of creating magical weapons, a very high bounty was put onto him.

Alec traveled to a village in the snow called Korikagure. He was surprised to find Mistukai, or Amaranth in his world, in charge of it. Mistuaki allowed Alec the use of a Blacksmith's shop to forge The Kane Katana, a weapon he would become notorious for using in the ninja world. Alec next traveled to a desert village called Yokuchikagure, were he would encounter a child version of Destiny. Alec quickly befriended the village's medical genius, a child prodigy named Holeman. By then, wanted posters had began to pop up everywhere, noting a sizable bounty. While drinking in a bar, some of the village's ruffians got it in their head that they were going to cash in on Alec. Having created himself an arsenal of weapons, some of which included Hidden Blades and wrist mounted firearms, Alec dispatched them quickly, leaving a bloody display of them in the bar. The Kage - or Boss - of the village, a man by the name of Strafe, entered the bar and asked Alec to leave, stating that he knew he was a wanted man, but would just settle for him vacating the village. Alec, drunk, responded by saying he'd leave once his bottle was empty. Strafe insisted that he leave right then, or be removed by force. Alec, not one that responded lightly to threats, attacked Strafe with a combination of a bottle, an Explosive Tag, and a shot from one of his wrist guns. Strafe managed to avoid this, but this was merely a distraction for the real attack. Displaying that he had extreme speed even in this world, Alec cut off Strafe's left leg at the knee with his newly forged katana.

One of Strafe's underlings were outside, lying in wait to ambush Alec when he came outside. This ambush is foiled by Destiny. After paralyzing the kid, she is joined by Alec, who comes to find that the kid is part of the Uchiha clan, notorious in that world for their martial arts skills, their usage of fire techniques, and special powers in their eyes which activated when they faced a very stressful or life threatening condition, though not all of them were able to activate them. Alec had even found out through underground channels that these eyes could be stolen from them, surgically implanted and used by others. Alec decides to try triggering the eye condition in this kid by scaring him half to death with Destiny and it works. He steals one of his eyes and invites the kid to come and try to take it back when he got stronger. After having Holeman implant the eye into his head, he and Destiny vacate the desert.

Hearing a rumor of a clan of intelligent and powerful Apes that lent their great strength to those they deemed worthy, Alec and Destiny travel to a forest village called Niwaurushikagure. Before he could go searching for the whereabouts of the clan, Alec and Destiny encounter Demi. It was at this point that the message reached his ears that the general of Hana was calling Alec out for a fight. Upon his return to Hana, several villagers tried to kill Alec for the loss of some of their family and friends at his hands, but Alec killed them as well. The General, a man named Izanagi, is revealed to be a part of the Uchiha Clan. The fight does not last long. Utilizing his extreme speed once again, Alec slits Izanagi's throat. Before he dies, both of his eyes activate. Alec immediately loots Izanagi's corpse of his 2 new prizes. All the while, a female sits behind the scenes, watching the entire event transpire. Having been prepared to deal with Izanagi herself, as he was a incompetent and lazy leader of the village, her job is done by Alec. She reveals herself as Natalie Leonheart, the daughter of Squall, and the next leader of Hana. She also has a firing squad surrounding the area, with many firearms pointed in his direction. Having found her way into the ninja world by unexplained means, Natalie offers Alec the chance to join her and reform Hana. Alec declines, says he's disgusted with the village, and invites her and her firing squad to shoot him if they could. Alec then goes to leave, and no one attempts to stop him. On the way out of the village, Alec encounters an incredibly beautiful female named Avery. Something at that moment tells Alec that she would play a part in his future - a feeling that he once had with Sunny - so he kidnaps her and runs out of the village. Surprisingly, she doesn't attempt to stop him.

He returns with her to Niwa, where they all explain the situation. Alec makes a quick trip back to the desert in order to have Holeman transplant one of the eyes he stole into the other socket. As the eyes need to be covered when not in use, Holeman also teaches Alec his special radar sight. Demi transplants the remaining eye into her head, and enters into a comatose state. With Alec and Destiny thinking she's dead, Alec's eyes undergo a change and evolve into an even more powerful form. Demi wakes up from her coma and it is seen that her eye also evolved. A special power is born between the two of them that is called "Kamui."

Alec decides that they have the makings of their own village, so they should take over one. It is decided that they would claim a deserted country for themselves; a country known as "The Land of Shadows." At it's center is a village called Makkurakagure, a haven for drunks, scum and murderers. Alec and Avery travel to this village. Alec offers it's inhabitants the chance to join up, and some of them respond by attacking them. Alec and Avery make examples of several, leaving them in bloody pieces. Those that remain began to see that it was a bad idea to oppose them, and quickly jump on board. Alec pays the inhabitants to shape the village up. A tower in the center of the village is said to have been sealed up for over 3 decades. Alec unseals the tower easily. He finds that the tower, fortified to withstand almost any assault, is a technological marvel, having it's own power supply, libraries of ancient books, and countless secret rooms and compartments containing long lost and powerful secrets. A symbiote creature attaches itself to Alec and forms a bond with him. Reluctant at first, he learns to control the creature. He finds that it transforms into articles of whatever clothing he can thing of, as well as transform his appearance. In times of danger, the symbiote can form armor.

Alec shapes up the village, and begins to call the villagers loyal to him "The Dark," his own personal criminal organization. Makkura slowly turns from a slum into one of the most powerful villages on the map. Demi is made Kage, a title she soon passes to Avery. Hanakagure, it's parent village (And primarily responsible for the slum state it was in) attempts to re-take control, but this attempt is quelled by Alec, so Hana simply cuts off all ties, declaring The Land of Shadows it's own individual country.

Alec noticed that the other countries each have what is known as a "Jinchuuriki,"  which is an individual that has a powerful creature sealed inside of them, in turn making them powerful in their own right. He desires one of these for Makkura should another country come looking for war. Using the Global Monitoring Device in his room of Dark Tower, he comes to see an entire ocean village wiped out by a single person. Ascertaining that the person who did this must have a beast sealed in them, Alec sets off to kidnap them. Using clever means, Alec uses his special eye power to nab the girl without a fight. He takes her back to Makkura so that Destiny, who discovered and occupied a laboratory in Dark Tower's lower levels, can examine her. After the examination, Alec releases her. Alec would next kidnap a young girl named Aeila, daughter of Aisling, who was also Demi in that world (technically making Aeila his grand daughter). It wasn't technically a kidnapping since Aeila wanted to go, but he took her without the permission of Hiroyuki, the Kage of Niwa. Despite kidnapping her, Aeila learns several new techniques in her short stay in Makkura. Aisling eventually comes looking for her.  

Ninja from other villages began to defect and migrate to Makkura. Holeman and Mistukai, feeling neglected in the desert, are among them. Mitsukai's older sister Emiko, a Jinchuuriki, comes with them, as does Kinzoku, an individual known to control "Iron Sand." A prodigy brother and sister duo show up, one of them being a Jinchuuriki, who could manipulate the Earth and had a special way of seeing similar to Holeman's radar. Jr appears, having traveled across worlds to look for his family, as does Demi's daughter Nanalie. Jr finds a book in one of Dark Tower's libraries that describes a powerful phoenix in the deserts around Yokuchikagure. Jr and Nanalie travel to the desert and after a short fight, Jr manages to convince the phoenix to merge with him.

After a short visit to other lands where he learned several powerful ninja techniques, Alec returns to find that a person named Saito has appeared and claimed leadership of Makkura. Alec simply laughs at the man, as does family members and most of the villagers. Saito indirectly threatens Alec, and Alec responds by quickly decapitating him. Avery has no desire to become Kage again, so as Jr had recently become more powerful than all of them, the mantle is passed to him, even though most considered Alec the true leader.

Arguably, Makkura becomes the most powerful village on the map. A Kage summit is called in Niwa, requiring the attendance of all village leaders, mostly due to the terrorist acts of The Dark. Jr attends this summit, where he states that The Dark would no longer engage in terrorist acts (mostly because no one was doing anything about them) and attempt to coexist with the rest of the world.  Hiroyuki's father, a man named Kenta Inuzuka, a retired hero of that world, has nothing nice to say to Jr, stating that he was merely a child at the table full of grown ups, that shouldn't feel proud for building up a dump like Makkura, and that Temaki, a friend of the family, (and the very female Alec kidnapped from the water village) built up a similar village in half the time. He said the Kane family were jokes and weak, their days were numbered, that they had 2 strikes and a third meant that he would personally come to Makkura and erase it from the map.

Jr responded by saying he wasn't afraid at all. He said the Kanes all grew up in war, and that if he wanted a battle than to bring it on. He then angrily stormed out of the summit to return to Makkura and inform his father and family of what was said. Alec decides to travel to Korikagure with Jr. With interference from another villain of that world, Alec has Jr transform into the phoenix spirit, known as Hi No Seishin, and blow the village sky high. After this act, nothing is heard of the other villages for 5 years.

Mitsukai and Kinzoku travel across the ocean, where there are more villages. Mitsukai becomes the Kage of another desert village called Sunakagure, with Kinzoku becoming her personal bodyguard.

Alec and Artemis follow them across the ocean. It is in the desert of Sunakagure that Alec comes to find that he is part of a clan that once used a long forgotten and once forbidden technique called "Dark Release." He found it appropriate, being from Makkura and all. There are several other villages on this side of the ocean, with more who talked big but did little to back their words. Slipping back into his Chaos Squad mentality, Alec bombs a village called Kumokagure. The Raikage, an individual who called himself Daiko, appears and attempts to stop him. After hypnotizing him with his stolen eyes, Alec performs a technique taught to him in his vacation away from Makkura, a sword technique called "Dance of the Crescent Moon." Daiko is struck down and killed. A rouge ninja who had nothing to do with the village or the fight attempts to jump in, but Alec, making use of another ability taught to him called "Lightning Release Armor" which drastically raised his speed and defense, quickly dispatches the rouge by way of decapitation.

A Kage summit is scheduled on this side of the world, but most of the leaders back out due to fear. Alec engages in a minor scuffle on a training ground in Konohagakure, a legendary ninja village. A hopeful in training named Itaden engages into a fight with a female several times stronger than he, and while originally planning on involving himself to deter the female's attention off of Itaden and onto him, Itaden attacks Alec. He is forced to kick Itaden in his head, but doesn't realize the strength of his own kicks, and kills him. The entire village is evacuated upon the realization that Alec is a notorious villain and a wanted criminal. Before leaving, Alec encounters another member of his Dark clan, an individual known as Daruma. As he'd come to find that most of the members of the clan were insane and evil, Alec decides to take no chances and kills him.

-(Twenty two)- Back Home

With Alec becoming bored after 5 years of little to no action or responses from the other villages after bombing several and destroying one, he decides to go home. Alec teleports the entire Land of Shadows with him, it and all of it's people. Makkura resides on the outskirts of Edge City. Electing to stay behind and become the leader that everyone already figured he was, Alec places Jr as Boss of Edge City.  He is introduced to Sicarius a creation of his brother Nevan's son Nova and Maxi. it is revealed that Maxi and Nova went and took over Himitsu's abandoned city, re-naming it Velo. In the 5 years spent in peace in the other world, Alec and Avery, having grown close, have a daughter named Artemis. 

Not long after the return from the ninja world, Alec finds himself in a ruined city by unknown means. He recognizes the place to be Pacific City, once a rival to Edge. The people who ran the city were jealous of Alec and his father Darkman, and began to experiment on people in an attempt to create a super human. There is an accident in which the majority of the population becomes mindless flesh eating zombies. He finds that Pacific City is surrounded by a field of energy that prevents the use of any supernatural power. Despite this setback, Alec begins moving through the city, looking for survivors. The family catches wind, and Jr sends Alec his weapons. The Vigilante and Amaranth journey to Pacific City to help Alec. They manage to rescue survivors from a neighborhood and a mall, losing several along the way, until the come across a survivor came that contains the last of the city leaders. One of them injects himself with an experimental virus that makes him far more powerful, but as the virus was not complete, it backfires and kills him. Alec takes all remaining survivors with him back to Edge.

Upon his return home, he came to find that Maxi's sister was locked beneath Shinkai Shigai, now known as Velo City.  But like usual, he is nowhere to be found, and nether is Nova. Alec flies to Velo and takes Sicarius and Maxi's sister, Seraphina, to Sunset Island to have Amaranth perform her DNA technique on them. Alec makes them both Kanes. Nova appears shortly after in a rage and indirectly threatens Amaranth. Before Destiny and Ghost can intervene, Alec appears and informs Nova that it was his fault, not Amaranth's. He invites him to Makkura for a fight to settle things, to which Nova doesn't show. It is after this incident that neither Nova or Maxi are ever seen again.

Alec talks to Darkman and informs him that he'd grown use to relying on himself, and not his supernatural powers. He asks if there some way he could suppress them so that he'd permanently have to rely on himself. Darkman gives Alec a necklace that seals off the majority of his powers, and even alters his appearance, "rewinding" him until he resembles the way he looked when he was a teenager.  He and his new sister Seraphina plan to go on an adventure on the back of Sunset island, in unexplored areas.

A video sent to Darkman Tower revealed that a mysterious organization had kidnapped Cala and turned her back human somehow. Vigilante, who'd had a thing for her, Immediately flies off to her rescue. Confident that he and Jr will be able to handle things, Alec does not get involved.

Konohagakure appears in their world, with Aisling as Kage and Spook as her bodyguard.  Alec travels there and gets into a short spar with Spook. Aisling informs Alec that nothing much was going on, besides pranks played by Jinx, a young family member. As there are no other kids in Konoha her age, Alec agrees to take her to Makkura to meet Artemis and the others. Upon his arrival back in Makkura, Alec, Seraphina and Kurai, one of the Jinchuuriki from the other world, set off for their "Survival adventure."

During the trip, Alec encounters someone named Misaki Yata, newly hired into The Company by Jr, sent to look for him to give him one of the new Company Android Cellphones. He also encounters Ka'lara - Natalie in the ninja world, as well as one of Spook's students - and another ninja named Kouki, an associate of Kurai's from his former village. Before they get too far into the island, Alec sends Kurai and Kouki back to Makkura so that he and Seraphina could continue alone. In the snow area, Alec and Seraphina decide to return home.

Alec comes back to find that Vigilante successfully rescue Cala, and the organization that kidnapped her were known as Templars. Against them were Assassins, but there was only one left. Templars were about control, whereas Assassins were about freedom. They'd been fighting each other since early days, over artifacts called Pieces of Eden. An assassin named Jayr, possibly the last of them, speaks of Darkman, gaining Alec's attention. He brings her back to the tower and is told the whole story by she and Darkman.

Alec is also made aware of the presence of an alien calling itself a "Saiyan." Part of a fighting race, the alien got into 2 fights with The Vigilante and Ka'lara, and caused widespread damage to Neutral City. Soon, the Saiyan destroys Velo City, wiping it off the map. Alec and Destiny travel to the ruins of Velo in an effort to rescue survivors. Alec encounters the alien himself, and offers him the chance to join up. The Alien never really gives an answer and attacks Alec. Alec is able to dodge his attacks with little to no ease, greatly frustrating the alien. Through the clever use of "Dark Release," Alec is able to hit the alien with one of his own attacks. While on the ground dazed, Alec reminds him that his offer to join was always open  before leaving.